Company Policies

Our Company's Policies Statement

Increasing consumer demand for environmentally sound products and services has prompted many private sector businesses, large and small, to voluntarily implement green policies and strategies into their business plans. Green policies not only show a company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, but those policies also save money, reduce the carbon footprint, and encourage others to follow suit. Read our company’s policies statement:

1. Recycling Programs

We consider hiring a part-time recycling coordinator or enlisting the help of a staffer who would enjoy helping the business contribute to a cleaner environment. To increase employee motivation, We post measurable goals and objectives in a central location. Even environmentally apathetic employees might participate if collection containers are conveniently located throughout the building.

2. Energy Conservation Plans

We allow a professional energy rater to audit their energy usage and offer advice on how to reduce waste, save money and minimize their impact on their environment. We can get a quick start on energy conservation by changing all incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs and encouraging employees to shut down and unplug computers and other equipment before leaving for the day. If the building is an older one, owners should consider swapping out old wall insulation for more modern and efficient materials.

3. Promote Telecommuting & Carpooling

To encourage employees to reduce fuel consumption, we implement telecommuting and carpooling policies. We reward employees who commit to carpooling with discounts to local fitness clubs or other green businesses. Employees whose duties do not require their constant presence at work, such as some executive assistants, human resources staff, or computer network managers, can telecommute. We with telecommuting employees typically provide a laptop or desktop computer and pay for necessary services, such as a dedicated phone line and Internet connectivity.

4. Reduce Product Packaging

We that produce products requiring plastic or Styrofoam packaging take steps to reduce this packaging and its contribution to overfilling of landfills by switching to biodegradable packaging. Alternative packaging may make products more attractive to a consumer base that increasingly demands environmentally friendly products.