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We are aiming to have a sustainable green movement by conducting various training and its environmental services:

a. Installing air purification systems for buildings, industries, companies and other organizations.
b. Environmental Impact assessments including air dispersion modeling and ambient air quality monitoring.
c. Enforcement and repairing of old air purifying systems.
d. Air pollution control engineering and troubleshooting.

a. checking of hidden water pipes leaks in standard and old water systems of buildings, factories, hotels and etc.
b. Installing drop irrigation system for agricultural grounds.
c. Installing RO (revers osmoses) system.
d. Whole House Water Purifiers.
e. Drinking Water Purifiers.
f. Laundry & Dirt Removal Filters.
g. Provide water treatment and purification systems for towns and parks.

a. Physical Waste Water Treatment: In this stage, physical methods are used for cleaning the wastewater. Processes like screening, sedimentation and skimming are used to remove the solids. No chemicals are involved in this process.
b. Biological Waste Water Treatment: This uses various biological processes to break down the organic matter present in wastewater, such as soap, human waste, oils and food. Microorganisms metabolize organic matter in the wastewater in biological treatment.
c. Chemical Waste Water Treatment: As the name suggests, this treatment involves the use of chemicals in water. Chlorine, an oxidizing chemical, is commonly used to kill bacteria which decomposes water by adding contaminants to it. Neutralization is a
technique where an acid or base is added to bring the water to its natural pH of 7. Chemicals prevent the bacteria from reproducing in water, thus making the water pure.

a. Constructing standard landfills.
b. Composting systems.
c. Industrial, medical, hazardous, and domestic wastes collection.

The (EIA) which is conducted by YES, Environmental services; is performing by educated experts and
experienced team. Our team has diverse experience in all types of projects and we offer this services
with our all ability to our clients.

a. Water Test
b. Waste Water Test
c. Soil Test
d. Parameters that we test:
– Chemical: phosphorus, chloride, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, iron, zinc, copper,
manganese, sodium absorption ratio, carbonates, bicarbonates, total alkalinity, total solids, dissolved
gasses, nitrogen, PH value and etc.
– Physical: color, taste, odor, turbidity.
– Bacteriological: Total coli forms, fecal coli forms, E-coli index.

a. Design and constructing of eco-friendly buildings.
b. Constructing of green parks.

a. Environmental awareness for public and organizations.
b. Lab water testing trainings.
c. Waste water plant training.
d. Water filtration training.
e. Environmental impact assessment (EIA)


We provide you the best laboratory services with high technology & quality.


The Hach DR 2800 portable

spectrophotometer, can be used for more than 240 analytical methods.

Field-ready unit

can be used Hach portable incubator, with a variety of power sources for reliable, accurate incubation.

Operating range: 0 – 40 centigrade.
Accuracy: +- 0.5
centigrade @ 37

HQ40D portable

multi meter PH. conductivity, salinity, TDS, Dissolved oxygen (DO), ORP and ISE for water.  

TU5400sc Ultra

 High precision low range laser turbidimeter with flow sensor, automatic cleaning, and system check, ISO version.

Pocket colorimeter TM II

chlorine (free), kit includes swiftest TM DPD reagent dispenser, USEPA accepted method for drinking water and wastewater analyses.

Our Product:

Black To Green2


Black to Green is one of YES Environmental Services Programs designed to strengthen the role of the private sector in environmental protection, public awareness, capacity building for environmental students and related fields; whose presenters, keynote speakers, experts researchers, and university professors.